An estimated 3 billion people use social media world wide and influencer marketing has fast become a $B industry, putting your brand in the hands of individuals that have the ability to guide and inspire the actions of others across social media. Influencers have cultivated meaningful relationships with their fan base (defined as followers) by positioning themselves as trustworthy and authoritative figures through the content they create, curate and distribute. Providing businesses with the opportunity to authentically insert themselves into an environment where an audience and ambassador already exists. 

Historically, macro influencers (household names with 1M+ followers) were the go to solution for brands looking to quickly raise their profile across Instagram. However, as the authenticity of product placement, audience malaise and extortionate entry costs were increasingly called into question, power has shifted towards those with a smaller, but more focused followings (typically between 10-100k). These micro influencers - whose content is much more genuine, relatable, personable and specific - drive brilliant engagement rates on their accounts (defined as a like or comment on content).

At SWOOP we've developed connections with a vast roster of footballers, spanning all the professional leagues in the UK, that have a strong bond with their fans on Instagram (IG). Our own research has revealed that lesser profile players with 10K+ followers on Instagram have an average engagement rate that's 4x higher than a typical high profile footballer's IG account (1M+ followers), and 3x that of an average micro influencer from other sectors. We will link you with these local legends and promote your business via their Instagram accounts, allowing you to communicate with an incredibly passionate local football community in a truly authentic and effective way.


You are much more likely to be influenced by the players you worship from your local club that live in your city, than the international footballers you have no proximity to, or affinity with.

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